Date field validation based on another date field

I have two date fields, CommenceDate and EndDate, and I’m trying to write a JavaScript code to validate the EndDate field so that the date selected for that field can never be more than 1100 days after the date selected for CommenceDate.

I want the EndDate field to throw an error message when you try to enter a date that’s more than 1100 days from the date in CommenceDate and for the CommenceDate field to throw an error if the date in that field is changed to a date that will make the date in EndDate field more than 1100 days.

I’m doing this for a public webform and trying to use moment.js but my code isn’t working.

Please assist.

Hello @JayAnaman,

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You can use the code below to calculate the number of days between two dates and throw the error if the interval is not valid.

fd.rendered(function() {

    .then(function() {

            name: 'Check Date',
            error: "Date is invalid",
            validate: function(value) {
                if(fd.field('Date1').value) {
                    var date1 = moment(fd.field('Date1').value);
                    var date2 = moment(fd.field('Date2').value);
                    var dateDiff = date2.diff(date1, 'days', false);
                    if(dateDiff > 3){
                        return false;
                    return true;
                return false;


Don't forget to replace Date1 and Date2 with the internal field names.

Thank you, Margarita, the code works although I had to change "validators.push" to .addValidator to get it to work. Do you have any idea why that is?
Thank you again.

Hello @JayAnaman,

Both methods should work.

What designer are you using? The desktop or the web designer?

Did you get errors in the browser console(F12) when using the validators.push method?