Dates not fully lined up


I created a Help Desk ticket Open like the example but all my day are not in order


Dear Jennifer,
Can you, please, give us a little more information? Are you talking about Dashboard Designer’s chart? If so, which example do you mean? Can you please provide us a link or a screenshot, maybe both, that should definitely help.


I used the below article to make created Last 30 Days

And This is for Dashboard Designer
As you can see the numbers go to 26 and then wrap around so 29-31 are at the begining


Dear Jennifer,
Isn’t it like it should be? The graph will automatically update with days as they go by, and these 29-31 are from the last month. If you prefer, it’s possible to filter out all the dates which are not from the current month, but this will exclude a lot of days, especially if the month has just started.

If you want something else - just let me know, what exactly you need, and I’ll try to help in this matter.