DateTime field not accepting manual input using 24 hour format (Forms 3)

I have a sharepoint site with regional settings set to use 24 hour format. However when using Plumsail Forms 3 for new entries, any Datetime field will not accept manual date/time input using 24 hour format (which is the common standard in NL). It simply doesn't save the field. However when manually entering a 12h format with AM/PM suffix, it works. Seems a bug to me, or is there a way to change this behavior using js?

Dear @kloosterj,
Thank you for the report! We've registered the bug in our system, our dev team will fix it shortly.

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Dear @kloosterj,
After further testing, we've found out that the issue is not present in the latest version of the app, if you select an appropriate culture in the regional settings of the site:

Make sure to update to the latest version of the app package - Installation of Plumsail Forms for SP Online (Microsoft 365) — SharePoint forms

Clear browser's cache or try incognito mode in a browser to check this:

Hi Nikita, you are correct, but that doesn't resolve my issue. The Dutch locale changes the date format and uses fixed 24 hour format. However, in our company we use the "English (United States)" locale setting. For this setting SharePoint allows switching between 12 and 24 hour format. And that Time Format setting is not picked up by Plumsail Forms, as far as I can tell..

Dear @kloosterj,
Why is it not possible to switch to the Dutch locale? It's still an issue in our forms, but it's just not as critical, so it might be some time before the fix is available. We can offer paid support to make it higher priority for our dev team to release a patch as soon as possible, otherwise it will be fixed some time later.

The Dutch locale will change the date format to eg. 13-10-2023. However, as the majority of our site users are based in the US, we need to stick to the date as "10/13/2023". This is also the worldwide standard M365/Browser setting in our company. In our case it's also not critical, but "highly inconvenient". :wink: Hope you're able to implement a fix at some time in the (near) future! Thanks for your quick support.