Datetimepicker, show only time


I need a field to only get a time from the users. Can I use a datetimepicker and hide / remove the date? I can hide the button for date, but the format of the field is still with a date (of course).

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.k-link-date {
display: none !important;


Dear @danieljr,
If this field is only supposed to be used only for time, I wouldn't recommend using DateTime picker - it always stores information as a date object, and this can give you many troubles with different dates, time zones, saving hours, etc.

It would be better to use something else, like a Choice field with available time slots, for example.

Dear @Nikita_Kurguzov,

Thank you for the fast response.

I agree, but in this form I save the hours in an other field. I just like the combination of the dropdown and the validation. That's why I try to hide the date ...

Dear @danieljr,
If absolutely necessary, you can change the display format like this:
fd.field('DateTime1').widget.setOptions({format: 'h:mm tt'});

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