Department with and without Manager information + Active tabs


First question: Is it possible to create org chart like below?

Our Head of Sales is not supervisor of Asia Sales team, but everyone has Sales as their department. Also, could I arrange boxes by title? So Managers and Assistants wouldn't be tumbled.

Second question: We have 20 different Departments and if I set all webparts below each others, the page would be really long. Can I have tabs or something else to do this? Currently we've done this via Visio's tabs.

Hello Michael! I am sorry for the delay in replying you: for some reason I did not receive a notification about this topic.

You can use this approach to configure a chart with two root employees. Org Chart provides a JS framework with which you can set the custom sorting.

As regards the departments, you can use the customisation described in this topic to add a drop-down menu that applies filtering by department.