Direct Reports not showing for one Person

I have a single user where there direct reports do not show. Others show just fine. Delve and Outlook show the direct reports fine. All reports are also in the users AD profile. SP User profile looks right and all direct reports have this person as their manager. The "break crumbs" of users in the lower left do show this person as their manager as well. Tired re-creating different org charts, all the same. I cannot have the Org chart to show this person having any direct reports. If there are any tips for fixing this, pease let me know

Hi @bpatch,
Can you let us know what happens when you click on "Go to the parent" button on of the person's report?


Also, please send us a browser console log collected after the Org Chart has finished rendering. To protect your info, you can drop it to (please mention the topic in the email) or send it in a private message to me here.
Thank you!

When I click the "Go to Parent" for his direct reports they do go to him.