Display different fields in the org chart boxes

Is it possible to display different Fields in the Org Chart Box depending of a User Profile Field value?
Example: I want to display “Department” for some employees and “Office” for others.

I use User Profiles as Data Source.


I found that I can check on a User Profile field and use the ‘HTML mode’ in Box template to resolve this.
The Box template now look like this:

{{#if PictureURL}} {{#detailsTooltipLink}} {{SafeImage PictureURL}} {{/ DetailsTooltipLink}} {{/ If}}
{{#detailsTooltipLink}} {{PreferredName}} {{/ DetailsTooltipLink}} [b] {{#if leader}}
{{Department}} {{Else}}
{{Office}} {{/ If}} [/b]

You are correct.

The “HTML mode” gives a lot of options for users to customize it accordingly.
Please make sure to check the field names for reference too.

Best regards,
Andre Lima
Plumsail Team.