Display lookup data in a Likert control from another list and compare data between lists?


I have a requirement (where Microsoft forms wasn't enough) to compare data between two separate SharePoint lists both of which use Likert scales.

For example this solution is for a coaching system where someone will enter data into a Likert control on their coaching request survey. Once they've finished coaching, they will receive a post-course survey, asking them to fill out another form where they will enter values into another Likert control - however, what we want to happen is for them to see their previous responses from the first survey in a lookup displayed in a Likert control so that they can see how they did then VS what they want to enter now - if that makes any sense?

Firstly, is this possible? I know that the Likert control stores it's values in a Multiple lines of text field - I'm just wondering whether this field can be looked up and have it's data displayed in a Likert scale format with the previous response - and this would show when answering a new question with similar answers.

If you could let me know, that would be ace!