Displaying of people with dotted-line managers


I’ve created a SharePoint list with dotted-line and solid-line managers, and Plumsail is displaying the dotted-line information as expected. However, if the Wendy is Mary’s dotted-line manager and Mary has direct reports, I can look up Wendy and see Mary underneath, but there is no link to Mary’s reports. If I look up Mary directly, I do see her reports. Is there a specific HTML configuration I need to add to remedy this? Thank you in advance!


Hello @reblee,

This behaviour is by design to avoid excessive duplication of pieces of Org Chart structure. You may navigate like this to check Mary’s reports when you look up Wendy:


As the result, you will get to the Mary’s general position in the structure. You will be able to return back by clicking the circle button on the top of the May’s box.


Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team

Dotted line with reports