Document ID in a Lookup?

I have a Lookup from a List to a Library that's using "Document ID Value" for the column values. When I test the form it's throwing errors. It's querying for "_dlc_DocId" instead of "OData__dlc_DocId". Is there some trick to making this work or is it not supported?

The lookup:

The error:

Hello @Bjorn,

What is the type of the Document ID Value column?

Hi @mnikitina. It's a unique identifier like an ID, but varchar not an integer.

Hello @Bjorn,
Thank you for the details!

Document ID column type is not supported with Plumsail Forms. We have plans to add support for this column, but there are no exact dates yet.

We can switch the priority of tasks and focus on adding Document ID column support, but that would be a paid support. Please email us at support@plumsailcom for more details.

Thanks, I'll find a different approach for now.

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Hello @Bjorn,

We've published a fix today! Please clear the browser cache and test the lookup field that points to the "Document ID Value" column.

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