Documents - Conditional Colors - must be word not excel

OK, like many of you I'm facing the challenge and I can't use Excel.
I wish the concept of "show" was available to use as the reverse "hide" can be really drawn out in the logic.
If status="Open" then I want the table cell to be green with white text
If status="Closed" then I want the table cell red with white text
If pending then orange with white text
else just no background and black text, etc...

Surely someone has already done this within WORD.

Hello @sasrsc,

hide block if formatter doesn’t work well with the same tag used twice or more in a document with different conditions. Like this one

If you change it to 2 different tags: {{Project.StatusRed}} and {{Project.StatusGreen}} it should work better.

Best regards,
Plumsail team