Documents: Do not pay for testing runs with new API key Testing mode

:zap:You asked for this feature. We've implemented it! Now, you can create API keys with a special 'Testing mode' meaning you won't be charged for actions in Power Automate and REST API calls made using such a key.

Note that an API key in Testing mode can be used only for actions that result in a document. And the resulting document will have a Plumsail watermark.

For instance, you can use it in actions to create or convert documents. The full list of actions supported for API key Testing mode can be found in this documentation reference.

Hi @Angelika,

Thanks, this seems like it should be useful for us. I've been meaning to use plumsail for our business for some time, but our exploration of the feature set has been sporadic at best, we had a brief 30 day trial subscription some years back, currently we do not have an active subscription and are not actively using the service.

The test mode you mention sounds great, as it means I can do a little bit now, and come back in a few month's time and do a little bit more in exploring the service and developing some code in VBA and Python to call the Rest API from. Honestly we probably won't pay for a subscription until we are sure our code works and if produces the document to a standard of presentation that is satisfying. Although watermarking on the test runs is fine and understandable.

However I sat down today to explore a little more, and attempt to run a test call to the REST API from postman on an example process of document creation, with delivery to dropbox.

The process is set to testing mode, and I've also made a test API key which I'm using

However when I try to test run it, I get an authorisation exception, with the subscription expiry message.

Is it the case one needs a paid subscription to run the test process? This would seem counter-intuitive as it seems like you have set the testing modes up to be able to be run for free while a user is developing and exploring the service?

Looking forward to your suggestion

Hi @Lawrence_McIntosh,

Apologies for the confusion😊 To use the product, you need a valid license. Testing mode for API keys doesn't mean a free license; it means that you won't spend the credits of your license, which can be a trial one and not necessarily a paid one. We still offer one month free. If you need an extension, please drop a message to