Docusign - same signer twice

Hi, I'm not sure if this a Docusign ticket or a Plumsail ticket. While doing some testing on a document with 3 sequential signers, if the same signer is assigned in two roles (ex: initial and final approval), docusign will only send the document to the first/third signer once (for initial approval). Once the second role signs, the document is marked as complete. Is this something you've seen before, or should I open a ticket with Docusign? Thanks!

Hi @EHaya,

It mostly looks like a Docusign issue, since Documents process prepares a document for the signing and the approval state is assigned by Docusign.

What roles do you have in the Process settings?


What if you isolate the issue and try to sign a manually prepared document with the same sequence of signers?

Best regards,
Plumsail team