Does Plumsail have any Dynamic 365 plans

What support does Plumsail have for Microsoft Dynamic 365?

Hello @smithme,

Currently, we don't support Microsoft Dynamic 365, but we do plan to make Plumsail Products compatible with it.

Could you please give us more details, so we would understand what our clients need.

What Plumsail products you would like to see in Microsoft Dynamic 365? For what purpose?

We are still trying to setup our Dynamic account with Microsoft but I would like to have the same ability to edit forms as I do with SharePoint and Plumsail Forms.


Thanks for your feedback!

I will pass this on to our team for discussion, and if you have anything to add, just let us know.

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Hi @smithme!
Plumsail Forms does not allow you to design forms for Dynamics 365 so far, but you can use data from Dynamics CRM and Dynamics Business Central in public web forms.

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