Does the Action Pack need any cofiguration at the o365 tenant level


I have a requirement to send emails and to add users to an o365 group.

I have a SharePoint online account used to run the plumsail workflows. The account is a site owner in the SharePoint site where the workflows run.

I am having issues both with sending emails and adding users to o365 groups.

I am wondering if anything needs to be configured in o365 to facilitate this? Obviously I have created a Plumsail account already and other workflow actions are running OK.

Hello Solvetech,

Let’s discuss the “add users to a o365 group” question in this thread, ok? Just to have all related information in one place.

Regarding the emails, could you please send us screenshots of the workflow and the “send email” action properties, please? What is the error you get when sending the emails? By default, messages are sent via our external mailing service. There may be some issues if different settings were used, so we need to check the configuration.

Best Regards,
Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team