Drag and drop Attachments in list or library control

Hello, community....!
I would like to know how can i check file type while i drag and drop attachments in list or library control?
As of now only word documents are uploaded in this control. it is not allowed to upload other files with extensions like .txt, .pdf etc.
can i upload that with drag and drop functionality?
Please show below image.


we can upload all other types by drag and drop but getting error.
we are getting that error for all types of document.

Please let me know how to upload other than word documents.

Thanks in advance...!

Hello @harshp924,

Do you have any custom code that is related to List or Library control?

Are you getting any errors in browser console(F12)? Please share the screenshot.

Hello @mnikitina,
Yes, i have some custom code in List or Library. and it works completely fine before this update.
I think you update some features in List or Library control like i can see refresh button now.
Can i know where i can found documentation about new release/features?

Here is error in console while i am trying to upload files by drag and drop features.

Thanks to look into this...!

Hello @harshp924,

Please share the code that you are using to reproduce the issue on my side.

Hello @mnikitina,
Please find below code that i use in attachments,

    function filterDTAtttachment(dt) {

        var mylogin = getmytumloginval();

        if (!isNullorUndefined(mylogin)) {

            pnp.sp.web.siteUsers.getByLoginName(fd.field('Mylogin').value.Key).get().then(function (user) {

                var userID = user.Id;

                dt.filter = "<Eq><FieldRef Name='Author' LookupId='TRUE' /><Value Type='Integer'>" + userID + "</Value></Eq>";



            // var userID = fd.field('Mytumlogin')._uid.toString();

            // console.log(userID,"var UID");

            // console.log(<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='Author' LookupId='TRUE' /><Value Type='Integer'> <UserID /></Value></Eq></Where>);



//in sprender
    fd.control('dtAttachment').ready().then(function (dt) {

            var header = $(fd.control('dtAttachment').$el).find('th');


            $(header[3]).html('Freigabe erteilt');

            $(header[4]).html('Gültigkeit läuft ab');

            $(header[5]).html('Art des Dokumentes');

            $(header[6]).html('Freigabe Status');

            // $(header[7]).html('TUMid');


    var dtAttachment = fd.control('dtAttachment');

        dtAttachment.ready().then(function (dt) {

            //hide button for creating new folder

            fd.control('dtAttachment').buttons[1].visible = false;

            fd.control('dtAttachment').buttons[2].visible = false;

            console.log('datatable ready');


            dt.$watch('selectedItems', function (items) {

                dtAttachment.buttons[4].visible = false;



This Error message i mention above is getting disappear when clicking on reload button right side above the attachment grid.

Please let me know is there is a problem with my site?
Why i can not add other documents like txt, pdf and so on?
in new button i can see only Word Document option.

And previously it was running smoothly, why i facing problem now?

Thanks in Advance.

Hello @harshp924,

I couldn't reproduce the issue on my side. Please try to comment out custom code and check if you are still getting the error.

Please also try to reproduce the issue using another document library.

Regarding only one document type available when clicking New in List or Library control, I will clarify this with developers and let you know.