Duplicate SharePoint Fields In tab Control

I am working on a form that is using the tab control to separate fields based on department. There are a few fields that I need to duplicate on other tabs.

For example the State field (SharePoint field) will be populated on the Admin Department tab, however the State field will need to appear as read only on the Human Resources tab.

Is this possible with Plumsail?


You can add a Plain Text or Rich Text control to display the Sharepoint field. Just place field’s [Internal Name] in square brackets.

For example: [State field]

It’ll work then the data from the filed saved to the list.

Duplicate Fields,
I see you can use the external name. When I drag and drop the Plain text or Rich Text control. Where do I place the external name to make this work?

Hello @Alexuh,

What do you mean with external name?

If you want to duplicate the field value on the form, you need to add Plain text control and add fild internal name in square brackets to the Text property, like this:

OK. Thanks for the information.

Hi @mnikitina, looks like this is not working in the new designer. When I enter [Title] in the Text control it does not display the field value.

I also tried this fd.control('Control1').html = '

New text [Title]

'; The "New text" appears but not the Title field value on edit form load.



Both approaches work on my form:

What version of the app package and desktop designer are you using?

Check the app package on the page with the form. Go to page source >> page >> forms.plumsail.com and share the screenshot:

The desktop version can be found here:

Here is the designer version:


Here is app package version:



You need to update the app package.

For this, got to the App catalog, delete an existing app package and install the latest one from the Microsoft AppSource. Then, re-save the form, clear browsers cache and test the form.

Will try that. Thanks.