Duplicated Search results


When I’m searching for people on the Org Chart - SharePoint 2016 version, I’m having problems with duplicated results (The same user is been shown twice).

OrgChart bug

Any ideas about how to resolve this duplicated entries?

Marcus Castro


Hi @mvmrca,

Are you able to reproduce the issue after clearing cache?

We need to understand if the issue is related to caching.

One more reason can be related to AD domains structure. If the user is in two domains that are synchronized to SharePoint user profiles.


Hi @antonkhrit,

Yes, I tried clearing the cache but the issue is always happening. I’ve also searched on the User Profile using the same parameter and it’s returning just one profile for the user, so they are not duplicated on the User profile service.

We also have a Staff Directory Web Part which is working fine without duplicated results.

Do you think this can be an issue on the code? Maybe it’s possible to get only the distinct results based on the user account name or something similar.

Marcus Castro


Hi @mvmrca,

I’m not sure what is the reason now. it can be in your data or some bug in the Org Chart. Let us find out.

Please confirm that you use SharePoint user profiles as a data source, not SharePoint list.

Could you open developer tools of your browser, navigate to the “Console” tab, clear Org Chart cache, refresh the page and reproduce the issue?

Then send us a screenshot of the “console” tab and of the web part.

Additionally, please navigate to regular SharePoint people search and try to search the same employee by the same keyword “birne”. People search usually is available at the right top corner of a page:

If SharePoint people search is configured Org Chart uses it internally. So, the issue with people search can be also a reason.


Hi @antonkhrit ,

I’ve tried to clean the cache and the search still returning duplicated values sometimes. It’s like a random behavior, sometimes work well and sometimes not. This issue is happening not just for me, but for others users as well.

I tried to search using the Search Service and it worked OK. It’s bringing just one result when I look for “bri”. I’ve also tried to do a Full Crawl on the People Search but no success.

Please check the console screenshot: It’s saying “No results in search service. Trying to search in user profiles service”.


I’ve also searched for “bir” on the User Profiles and it’s returning just one result as you can see:

Please let me know if you have any clue of how to resolve this issue.

Marcus Castro


Hi @mvmrca,

Our customer care specialist had to contact you directly to set up a screen sharing session.


Hi @antonkhrit,

This issue was resolved on the new version after you made the Distinct().

Thanks very much for your support and the tool.