Dynamic Image via Lookup in Form

I have a site asset library with images

I have a list that has a list item that matches an image in the site asset library

I want to dynamically display the matching image from the site asset library to the list item in the form.

Can this be done?

Image: Image 1
List Item: Item 1
When editing/viewing item 1 display image 1

Is it a drop down list of items on the form? Could you please provide the screenshots of your form and what do you want to be implemented?

I want the image on the form (screen shot) to pull from a look up ID instead of a static URL.

Now, I have it linked to a static URL


I would like it to pull from a Site Asset library, the site asset library has a look up to the list with the form.


To retrieve an image item from a library you can use pnp: https://github.com/pnp/pnpjs/blob/dev/packages/sp/docs/items.md

The variables ‘pnp’ and ‘sp’ are available in the JS-editor.

A code will be like this:
sp.web.lists.getByTitle(“LibraryName”).items.select(“Title”, “LookupName/Title”, “LookupName/ID”).expand(“LookupName”).filter(“LookupName/Title eq '”+title+"’").get().then(function(items){

‘LookupName’ is a name of your lookup column in the image library, a title is a variable with a value of the supplier’s title.

It’s quite an unusual issue, we can look into implementing this functionality for you, just let us know your requirements in detail and send it to us to [email protected]

Implementing custom functionality will require you to purchase extra support time (1 hour) from our store https://plumsail.com/forms/store/

Thank you, I will check with the requesting party on the importance of this feature and if needed pay for the hour of support