Dynamically add/show an X on a given row


I’m currently trying to update a powerapps report template that has several checkmarks / X fields.

The current solution uses Key values such as “S”, “P”, “O” or “N” depending on how a user scored.
So if I had scored a value as “N” i would like to automatically show an X on the given row, just like it is on the image below.


What’s the best way to achieve that?


Hello @Mangoman09,

Do you mean that your current solution already works within powerapps and you need to achieve the same using Plumsail Documents? I can suggest Fill in PDF Form action, however, you still need to sort the values using MS flow options such as working with variables, conditions, etc, and then provide the results to our action.

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail Team