Dynamically display diffrent SharePoint pages


Is there a way to dynamically display different SharePoint pages as the result of a form?

What we are trying to do is create a Helpdesk form that gives FAQ suggestions before allowing the user to log a ticket. Something like this (I know this is a public form, the real version will be a SharePoint form):

My original thought was to iframe the pages but SharePoint does not let you iframe things. So I'm guessing using SharePoint forms you could make it dynamically pull in bits of pages from the site as requested? Is this possible?

Hello @NG-Helpdesk,

SharePoint forms support iFrame.

Do you want to display SharePoint pages that are within your tenant? What is the type of those pages?

Hi @mnikitina

Thanks for your reply.

Ahh it wasn't working yesterday but now it is, not sure why.

Is there a better way to do this? Can SharePoint forms dynamically pull in content from pages on the site and display it without using an iFrame?

Hello @NG-Helpdesk,

IFrame is the best option.

The only alternative I can think of is to store the information you want to display in a SharePoint list and pull it dynamically on the form. This can be done using PnPjs library.

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Thanks very much. Your help is appreciated as always :slight_smile:

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