E-mailed tickets vs Website tickets

(Running v1.2.8 as of today. Are getting update done any day.)
We can create tickets via e-mail or on webpage. Works fine. Both tickets get correct requestor.
Tickets created through e-mail has “Created by” set as “System Account” - not users username.
Tickets created on site has “Created by” correct - the username of the user.
So when user loggs into sharepoint Helpdesk site, they do not list tickets created via e-mail, unless we set permissions on Tickets to “View all” - then they show up under “Requested by me”. But that opens a situation where all users can read all tickets, for example under “All” - not good.
Is this a mal-configuration on our site or “by design” in Helpdesk-app?

Hello, per.dahlstrom!
So, if I understand correctly you want requesters to see their tickets somehow, but not see other tickets, is that so? Currently, this is doable with the widget, which can also be customized with Plumsail Forms.

OK, so it is “by design” then.
(IMHO: A very bad design to let all users se alla tickets in a Helpdesk-system…)
So I went to get the widget but get an strange error stating that I cannot add it on our on-prem Sharepoint. But this should be doable?

Hi @per.dahlstrom,

Our help desk is designed to work with any kind of requester including external users without SharePoint account. Thus, it is not always possible to detect SharePoint user for a requester. It also is not a good practice to create items in SharePoint on behalf of other users. There is ‘Requester’ filed in a ticket for detecting a requester.

There is also ‘RequesterSPUser’ field. It stores SharePoint user id if requester has SharePoint account. It is hidden by default and can’t be used in SharePoint user interface to create new views. It is available only if you create views programmatically.

Our default design assumes that if you want to restrict permissions on tickets, then you should place a widget to some other SharePoint site. The widget is an entry point for requesters. Agents work in help desk itself.

Restricting permissions on list item level permissions can lead to performance degradation of SharePoint. It is always better to restrict permissions on a higher level. You can find more details in this article. This is one more reason why we didn’t use item level permissions.

Anyway if you want to assign item level permissions on tickets, you can still do it with the help of SharePoint Workflows. You can start a workflow on ticket creation and use another our product called Workflow Actions Pack to assign item level permissions.

Regarding the error with placing widget on a page. Could you describe steps to reproduce the issue and share a screenshot of the error?

If I try to add “Plumsail HelpDesk Widget” from Fuzor LLC (WA104380769) it states that it is not supported by server. All Plumsail widgets are grey’d out in Sharepoint Store. We are running Sharepoint Server Standard 2016 on-prem.

I’m sorry for confusion. My colleague shared a link to SharePoint Online documentation instead of On-Premises. Looks like you are trying to add widget app from SharePoint store. It is not required in On-Premises.

Please review this article instead.

I also noticed that you use version 1.2.8. It is only available in version 1.2.10 and higher. You can download the last version from our site and follow the upgrade guide.

Note that customization of widget form is only available in SharePoint Online at the moment. Thus, requester will be able to submit Ticket title, ticket description and attach files. You will not be able to add other fields to ticket form. This is a restriction of On-Premises version at the moment.