Edit button not going to edit form

I set my display form to open up in panel mode. When I click the edit button, it just closes the form and does not redirect to the edit form. Is there a way to make that work? The other two forms are opening up in the regular view.

This is what it shows in the console when I click on that Edit button:

Dear ryankohn,
What's the version of the editor you are using?
Also, what is the version of the package that you have in App Catalog?

I am using editor version 1.4.1 and here is my app info:

Dear Ryankohn,
Could you try to clean the browser’s cache fully? Something cached could be causing issues. Remove custom JS code for now, if you have any. If this doesn’t help, please, write us to support@plumsail.com, so we can go into detail on this issue.