Edit SharePoint URL Field Description

Is there a way to change the "Type the description:" text to "URL Title:" Highlighted in yellow for the SharePoint Hyperlink Field called "Website" shown below ?

Hi @Bini_Anie_Jacob

You can set the value of the SharePoint Hyperlink field using this code:
//set the URL
fd.field('HyperlinkFieldName').value.url = 'https://websitedomain.com/';
//set the Description
fd.field('HyperlinkFieldName').value.description = 'Description text here';

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Hi @stormanh
I need to change the label as highlighted in the image
issue is not for setting value
Issue is with displaying the Hyperlink field with this label
I want "Type the description " Label as URL Title:"

Hi @stormanh ,
I can change the 'Type the Web address" text using this code: (Highlighted with blue in the image below)
fd.field('Website').urlFieldTypeText = 'URL : '
Reference :Edit SharePoint URL field text and hide it's description
Also need to change the "Type the description" Label (Highlighted with red in the image below)

Hi @Bini_Anie_Jacob

Please try the below jquery code to change the default "Type the description:" to "My Own Description"

$( "label[for$='Description']" ).text( "My Own Description" );


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Hello @Bini_Anie_Jacob,

Also, you can change the description label text using this code:

fd.field('Website').descriptionText = 'URL Title:'
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