Emails looping, why?

Hi there, again!

So we got our on-premises HelpDesk setup and running. Now we are having a very interesting problem:

When an email from a customer comes in (say, to a group email the helpdesk email account is a member of, like Triage) as a cc to that address, the group email gets added as a cc to the ticket. Expected behavior, except..

When one of the notifications triggers, it sends email to the requester and the CCs on the ticket. Which the helpdesk system seems to interpret as a comment being added, firing another notification, which gets CCd to the group the helpdesk is a part of, which is interpreted as a comment being added, and so on.

HUNDREDS of self-replies to each ticket.

How do I stop this programmatically?

Hi @gshannon,
Though I'm not 100% sure that I understood the case clearly, I'm going to suggest manipulating the triggers to exclude certain emails (like the group email from sending out the notifications).
You can do this with any trigger that has "Send email to.." action (for example, the default trigger "Notification: Requester - New ticket", that, I suppose, caused this mess in the first place):

This way you can prevent the HD to mail itself, if that's what actually happening.
If that doesn't solve your problem, could you, please, elaborate a little bit? Some screenshots will definitely help!
Thank you!

I didn't even see that in the notification triggers, but you understood the problem perfectly and I've applied the fix you outlined. Thanks so much!