Employee and Manager ID SharePoint column data type


I have a SharePoint list that has two text columns that we would like to use as the Employee ID and the Manager ID. I set the Display text to a column with the employees name. On the Filtration step where I type in the employee name to ge the start the org chart structure, doesn't find the employee.

Can the Employee and Manager ID columns be text columns or does the Employee ID have to be the list item ID column with a list lookup for the Manager ID?


Hi @MikeRoberts,
In fact, you can use any column as Employee ID and Manager ID, just make sure the values in those are unique.
The only limitation here is the following: the Org Chart Search does not use the columns with Employee ID and Manager ID not to duplicate the info. The "Start structure from employee" option on the Filtration tab uses the Search to locate the root person.
Here's an example of the set up that will work:

Here I have "Text" columns for Employee ID and Title, the info in those is identical.
The column mapping could be set in the following way:

After this, you can specify the root person on the Filtration tab:

This is the resulting Chat: