Employees missing from org chart

I just installed the org chart on our SPO tenant and it worked fine.

However, if we choose User Profiles as the data source and start the structure on anybody (let's say we use a VP), it doesn't pull all of the direct reports.

For example, I have four direct reports but it only shows two. It looks like this is happening regardless of who we start the structure at. We do not have any Filtration rules in place that would cause employees not to appear.


Hello Steven! Please open the SharePoint admin centre > More features > User profiles > Manage user profiles and find the profile that is not displayed on the chart but is supposed to. Then, check whether the "Manager" field contains the proper value, i. e. the manager under which you expect to see the current user. If required, set the proper value, clear the chart cache and check whether the issue persists. If you still can't solve the issue, please raise a ticket by sending a message to [email protected]. In the message:

  • refer to this topic,
  • share the screenshots of each tab of the configuration wizard,
  • share the screenshots of the profile that is absent on the chart and specify its user name and where it should be,
  • share the screenshot of the issue itself (the chart with the absent box),
  • try to search for the absent user in Org Chart, if you can find him - click the result and then go to the box's parent, share the screenshot of the result.

That is indeed the issue. It looks like some of our user profiles have that data while others do not.

I'll have to speak to our folks about that process and if/when it is to be performed.


It seems there was an issue with the automatic synchronisation of Azure AD and SharePoint User Profiles data. I would advise you to turn to Microsoft support and/or force the synchronisation with some PowerShell script.