Employees show up in organisationsdia. under employee


When I add a new employee on my level 2 one of the other employees on the same level are shown under another employee instead of on the same level. See attached picture to illustrate.

On level 3 I do not have this problem then I just have to scroll horizontal.

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Charlotte Cramer

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First of all, please double check user profiles to see if everything’s set up correctly. Especially information regarding managers.
Also, are you applying any kind of custom CSS or JavaScript? It seems like there’s some code limiting the width of the chart.

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Andre Lima
Plumsail Team.

Hi Yes I have added CSS and Java. I now create a new test page and added the Plumsail webpart. Now the settings do not have any CSS or Java but the problem is the same.

I retrive data from a Sharepoint list.

I upgraded the solution to latest version of Plumsail

See attached screendump.

Found out why but how do I solve this so all managers on level 2 get shown in one line horizontally? also when we have more than 2 with out employees under.

Standard people under a manager are showen in a "group"

If I add employees under one of the managers he/her get shown on same line (level 2)

When there are more than two employees without subordinates Org Chart will combine them in two column group. Just like it is happening in your case.

What you can do is disable compact layouts in General Settings, inside of Org Chart settings.

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Andre Lima
Plumsail Team.