Erase users from the SharePoint List when the user Account is disabled or the user was erased in O365 Users

Thanks to you I built some time ago a flow on Power Automate where I can import users using the O365 Users connector to a Sharepoint List that feeds my Org Chart. However now I am wondering how to automate the deletion of them, when they are erased or account are not enabled on O365 Users.

Thank you!

Please help me with this I am trying, it is kind of urgent :sob:

Hello @leinso,

You need to monitor the changes//deletion using some office 365 trigger in power automate and then remove the person from the associated list in SharePoint.


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plumsail team

Thank you for the answer but how do I monitor this? btw I saw no Acount Enabled indicator in the Office 365 Users connector :confused:

Hello @leinso,

You can probably find an answer about Microsoft connector in their commnuity

Microsoft Power Automate Community

From the org Chart perspective You can also use filtering to filter disabled users.

However, for this you need to mark them as disabled anyway, and initally detect it using some of the Power Automate options.

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