Error creating a website


my environment:
SharePoint 2013 server
Plumail Workflow Activity Pack

I have a workflow with which I create new websites. For this I use the action “Create Site”.
It worked very well for a while.

Within the action I have for “RunAsPublisher”: Yes
The user who has published the workflow has sufficient permissions to create subsites.

Now I get the following error and can therefore no longer create websites.
“RequestorId”: 05021d92-92e1-0ed9-12f8-60e3f2821224. Details: System.Net.WebException: Exception while processing the HTTP request. Exception Details: “HttpClient.SendAsync task was canceled.” TraceActivityId = 3550290b-743c-4ae5-ba06-88057b0afb4d "at Microsoft.Activities.Messaging.SendHttpRequest.OnReceiveResponse (NativeActivityContext context, Bookmark bookmark, Object value) at System.Activities.Runtime. BookmarkWorkItem.Execute (ActivityExecutor executor, BookmarkManager bookmarkManager)

I have granted the workflow permissions:

I did not find anything helpful in the SharePoint logs.

I need your help!

Many Thanks!

Hi, @RMIC.

At first, please do the upgrade of Workflow Actions Pack, here’s how you can do it.
After that, please try creating a simple site using Team site template to check that the flow is working.

Best regards, Kirill Shaklein

Hello kirill_sh,

I did the upgrade.
Unfortunately I could not update the workflow as described in the link

The button "Upgrade" does not exist. See image.

Clicking on the workflow name will download the workflow.

When executing the workflow, the error still appears.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards, RMIC

Hello @kirill_sh,

can you help me?

Many Thanks!
Best regards, RMIC

Hello, @RMIC.

The fact that you didn’t see the button for Upgrade is normal, the update must have gone ok, and it means that there hasn’t been any structural changes. As for the creation of the site, seems like you are using the custom template and I takes too much time to create a site, please try creating a simple site using Team site template to check that the flow is working.

If it still doesn’t send the logs to [email protected].
SharePoint logs are usually located on a WFE server in this folder:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\LOGS

There may be a lot of logs. Thus, the easies way to collect logs is to reproduce the issue and grab the last file.

Best regards, Kirill Shaklein.

Hello @kirill_sh,

could you already look into the log files and find a possible error?

Related ticket #7139.

Many Thanks!
Best regards, RMIC