Error during Create a ticket Action

Hi I am getting an error during creating a ticket
" OpenApiOperationParameterValidationFailed . The 'inputs.parameters' of workflow operation 'Create_a_ticket_(Request:_Courier)' of type 'OpenApiConnection' is not valid. Error details: The API operation '_flowV4TicketsPost' is missing required property 'ticket/attachments/0/AttachmentContent'"

The problem only Exists when there is an attachment. It works fine otherwise.



Hello! When you create an object for the attachment, it should have two properties: Name and AttachmentContent (not Content as in your case).


Hi Evseychik,

I have replaced content with "AttachmentContent" on the compose action but the error remains the same.

PS: Not sure if this information is relevant but this is a newly created form all the other forms are working as expected.

Please try to pass the attachment content directly without using the base64() expression (as on my screenshot). If it doesn't help, share the file(s) you try to attach - I will need to reproduce your case.

You can share the files via private message if you don't want them to be available publicly.

It is not specific to one file, Any files attached throws the same error.

I have tried the same without base64() function without any success.

The strange thing is i have already have other workflow's with the same config in place and are all working as expected except for this flow

I tried to reproduce the issue with no luck. I have an item with two image attachments:

In my flow, I initialized an array variable and got them:


Then, in the "Apply to each" cycle, I got their content, composed an attachment object and appended it to the array:

And then I created a ticket with the attachments:

The flow was successfully saved and ran without errors:

That is why I asked you to provide sample files to reproduce exactly your case. Perhaps, there is a problem with files with a certain extension or something else. Also, please save the input of the HelpDesk action into a JSON file and share it too. You can do it via private message.


sure I will sent you the files, can you guide me, how to sent private message?

Just click my portrait or name and you will see the according button:

I have reproduced the error and it occurs when you put the content of the MSG-file into base64() expression. If you pass the attachment content directly, it will work:


But in your case, there was an additional problem: the AttachmentContent property contained a space which broke the process:


Please check the composing object once more, delete the space, get rid of the expression and let me know whether it helped to solve the issue.

Thanks Evseychik, I have removed the expression (base64()) and it worked. We have other "Create ticket" action that uses base64() will it be an issue if the file type is .msg?

Yes, for now, it throws the error if the content of an .msg file is processed with the expression base64(). I would advise you to avoid using it.

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