Error In Create Ticket using PowerAutometa

Suddenly when I create a ticket using PowerAutomate I get the message: {"error":"The type initializer for 'AngleSharp.Css.Converters' threw an exception."}
Any Idea? This started today, Nothing change to the flow which is created and working smoothly since 1 year now.

Hello Nick! I have just checked and for me creating tickets worked. Please share the raw inputs and outputs of the failed action as text files. You can do it through private message in the community or send a message to [email protected]. In the message, please refer to this topic. Also, test the HelpDesk action in a new simple flow created from scratch - does it work in this case?

Developers managed to reproduce the issue so you do not need to provide any information. I will inform you once it is fixed. We will try to do it as soon as possible.

We restored the service for now but there is a bug and the developers are fixing it. The fix will be ready on Monday or Tuesday. Until then, please inform me if the issue recurred.

The fix is published.