Error when edit item in list created from list template


I created a custom list "Test" and I build form used Plumsail form.

Then, I save list as list template. and Create new list "NewTest" base on list template that I have just save with option include data.

I tried to edit a item in "NewTest" list. It show error "An item was not found. It may have been deleted or renamed by another user."

Please help me, how can I fixed them.



Did you save a new clone form in the Plumsail Forms Client?

I do not anything except save list as template.

Please explain the step that you said.



You created a new list from the template, am I right? So, did you open and save this list in the Plumsail Forms after the creation? If you didn’t, please try this and give us feedback.

Hi Alex,
I'm running just in the same issue. I have created a list based on a template.
The Plumsail form's source URL is not corrected, even after opening from the list the forms designer with the correct form, saving it, later on reopening - this works like a charme. But when I try to creat a new list item, or trying to modify the details of the item, Sharepoint tries to open the form from the old and wrong list from which I created the template.
What should I do?
Tx Alexander

Dear @Alexander_Pohl,
So, does this continue even after you save the form for the list in the editor? Okay, what if you open the list in SharePoint designer, go to the Content Type and check forms for it, what URL does it have?

It should have the name of the List and of the Content Type in it:

You can post a screenshot here, as well as the link as string, so we can check it.

Good morning Nikita,
That was the missing link, based on your hint i realized, only the edit form was saved and therefore the link corrected. After saving in the forms designer the 3 forms/docs it was working as expected.
Thx a lot!

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