Error when editing Contacts from with Plumsaill Forms designer

This is a new site but I have verified that this error is generated on other sites.

When opening the Contact Display from in the designer the following error is presented
While loading the form created in the previous version of the designer, some elements or their properties were not recognized. Please review the issues and fix corresponding controls manually.


**Table**: Component is not supported. (7:14)

The form, as currently presented, is gone.

Hello @EasyCom,

The Help Desk is not yet compatible with the new version of the designer. Please use version 2.0.7 to modify forms for Contact list.

Hello @EasyCom,

Our development team has prepared a contact Display form template that is compatible with the new version of the designer. You can import it and design the form in the new version.
Contact_Display.json (21.2 KB)

Note, that this is a default display form. After importing and saving form, all your custom changes will be lost.

Thanks, that new form works and can be modified, if necessary, from here. Can you tell me which control(s) are not compatible so I can edit other forms as needed?


Only Tables component in not compatible with the new designer. If you will have any other issues, please let us know.