Errors Display on Ticketing system

Hi Guys,

Just to ask if there's any issues with Ticketing system, we have being getting a whole number of error pages and below is just one them. Any solution will be appreciated



Hello, @Ndy

Could you specify on what page the error occurred? Is it the "Tickets" list? Also, please reproduce the issue and share the content of browser console.

ADDITION: please try to clear browser cache first and then check whether the issue persists.

A developer prompted me that the issue from the first reply in this topic occurs when SharePoint is overloaded and unable to process XSLT transformation to render a form. Solution is using of HelpDesk 2.x.x with modern UI.

And the error below looks like SharePoint unavailability. Please check health status of the service in Office 365 admin centre.

I checked it my admin centre and there is such an incident:

Thanks for your response, it's really been helpful.



Hi @Evgeniy

We have a widget connected to a SharePoint site, this has been working fine up until yesterday. We are just getting the spinning wheel.

We have tried clearing the cache and using the browser in incognito/private mode.

Please can you help?



Hi @Ndy
Please see my reply in this topic.