Exit wizard based on form question

New user here. I am trying to create a form that will allow my users to enter in up to 15 product items, each one on its own wizard page. I also want them to be able to allow them to stop entering in items at any time by answering a simple yes/no questions.

So, they fill out the items on the wizard page. At the bottom it says, "Would you like to add another item?" if they chose "Yes" and click next a new page opens with the same fields to fill out. This can happen up to 15 times before they are forced to click finish. If they click no to any of the "Would you like to add another item?" questions, it would be like clicking on the finish button.

Any help on solving this problem would be much appreciated.

Hello @Brian_Minster,

Welcome to Plumsail Community!

You can remove Wizard container steps dynamically using the code:

fd.spRendered(function() {
   var wizard = fd.container('Wizard1').widget
    function removeWizardSteps() {
        if (fd.field('Toggle1').value) {
            var currentStep = wizard.activeTabIndex + 1;
            var toDelet = wizard.tabs.length - currentStep;
            wizard.tabs.splice(currentStep, toDelet);
    fd.field('Toggle1').$on('change', removeWizardSteps);


Please learn more on how to show/hide step in Wizard container page.