Export PDF question

Hi everyone,

I am very new to Plumsail forms so I'm sorry if this is answered elsewhere. On SP 2019, is there a way to export a Plumsail form to pdf either from a link on a SharePoint list view or from a different Plumsail form (ex: export new form from edit form using fd.exportToPDF)?

Thank you for your help,

Dear @Dylan_Howell,
Thank you for asking! Unfortunately, I don't think this would work - exportToPDF relies on browser to render the form before it can be exported, it's the browser that does most work here. If the form is not showing, then how can the browser export it for you?

The only option to fully customize the layout of the exported form, is to use Power Automate with a PDF/Word template, which would populate all the data from the specific item.

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, I thought this might be the case.

I appreciate your feedback and will work on an alternative approach.

Dear @Dylan_Howell,
No problem! You can check out the following article on how a form can be exported to a Word template file, and then converted to PDF - PDF document from SharePoint form based on Word template