Failed Install - Invalid Sharepoint App Package

I am trying to install the trial in my sharepoint tenant and the installer itself errors out and suggests trying the manual install. That fails as well.

Attached are the errors from both attempts.

Hello Billy! You need to upload an SPPKG file to the SharePoint app catalogue, not an EXE one. For that, please follow this instruction (there you can download the required file). Please pay attention to the package region (US or EU): it should match the one chosen during the installation in the wizard.

That worked. I must have missed that step.

I did still have to run the exe installer afterwards to get the helpdesk to load within a site even though I assigned the app to the site directly. But, minor inconvenience up front, not a big deal.

Thank you for the confirmation, Billy! Indeed, uploading the package to the app catalogue just allows to proceed in the wizard but does not substitute it.