fd.spSaved suddenly not waiting for my async method

I have a form which has been running and used for over a year now. Now out of a sudden and without having made any changes the fd.spSaved event behaves differently now.

in the newForm i have this:

function NewFormAfterSave() {
    fd.spSaved(function (result) {
        CreateTemplateTasks(selectedChannels, result.Id);

the called method is like this:

function CreateTemplateTasks(selectedChannels, themaId) {
    // Get Template Tasks
    $.when(GetTemplateTasks()).then(function (templateTasks) {
        // Create Tasks
        var promises = [];
        $.each(templateTasks, function (index1, templateTask) {
            $.each(selectedChannels, function (index2, selectedChannel) {
                if (SelectedChannelHasTemplateTasks(selectedChannel.Id, templateTask.ChannelId)) {
                    promises.push(new Promise(function (resolve, reject) {
                        $.when(CreateTask(themaId, templateTask.Title, selectedChannel.Id)).then(function () {
                        }, reject);
        Promise.all(promises).then(function () {
            if (fd.formType == 'New')


the method gets called - but the form doesnt wait anymore and redirects to the page where you came from.

what it should actually do (and what it did for a year) is to create some elements in another list and redirect to the edit form of the just created item.

idk why that isn't working anymore, while also having made no changes whatsoever.

i have solved the issue myself

inside spSaved i added

fd.spSaved(function (result) {
    result.RedirectUrl = null;
    CreateTemplateTasks(selectedChannels, result.Id);