Feature Request- Export to Excel

It would be great to be able to export the Org Chart to an excel Spreadsheet or to a SharePoint List.

Hi @turtlgal,

Thank you for the feedback.

Could you describe your case? Why do you need export like this?

If there are more requests from our customers, we will add this functionality.

Otherwise, our paid support team can implement it for you. Please contact [email protected] to request estimation.

The use case would be that the entire contents could be exported to be used for items such as a linear company directory.

@antonkhrit Another use case: I use the About Me field, the data input is manual. So if there was an ability to sync to a sharepoint list, then I could filter by About Me to determine who does not have data in that field. The same could be done with Cell phone, or any other field that you wanted to filter on.

Hi @turtlgal,

I think validation of user profiles completeness should be a task of some other product.

Anyway, thank you for additional use case. We will consider it for export to Excel.

Probably Hyperfish product will be interesting for you. They are really good in completing user profiles in an easy and smart way.

Is there anyway to export the entire Org Chart as PDF instead of page at a time?

@antonkhrit @Anna
Is there anyway to export the entire Org Chart as PDF instead of page at a time?

Hello @turtlgal,

You may create an additional page with another Org Chart (just to avoid changing the settings manually everytime you want to print it as PDF) and increase the Amount of visible tree levels in the settings so that you have the entire structure displayed.


Then you may use this chart for printing.

Please, do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.

Best Regards
Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team

It appears that even enabling 4 levels causes the system extreme strain, the page attempts to load and eventually gives an error.

Hi @turtlgal,

Thank you for information. We will try to reproduce the issue on our side. Most likely the issue is related to SharePoint throttling limit. It kicks calls to SharePoint API if there are too many of them. That may be a reason with multiple item.

We will try to reproduce the issue on our side and handle this behavior. It may take about two weeks to fix this.

I will keep you posted.