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Would be great if the ‘Create HTML from template’ action contains a parameter ‘Culture’ which can be specified.

Value like ‘en-EN’, ‘nl-NL’ or maybe 1033 or 1043.

This because using format strings like ‘{{paramater1:N0}}’ produce English formatted numbers, and we would like to see NL ones so thousands are separated by a dot instead of a comma.


Hi @michel-i4-you,

You are right, there is English locale by default. If we receive more requests like this, we will add this feature.

For now, I can suggest you quite easy workaround.

You can use JavaScript to apply formatting to your numbers. If you generate PDF from HTML it works perfectly. All JavaScripts are executed before PDF generation.


Source object with number:



<html lang="en">
        <div id="num">{{num}}</div>
            function numberWithDots(x) {
               return x.toString().replace(/\B(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, ".");
            var numElem = document.getElementById("num");            
            var num = parseInt(numElem.innerHTML);
            var formattedNum = numberWithDots(num);
            numElem.innerHTML = formattedNum;



It is not the most elegant number formatting JavaScript code. There are a lot of different samples over the Internet.