Fill a PDF Form with Power Automate

Happy Monday Everyone,

I'm new to Plumsail, been over overwhelm with this project. Went ahead and attached a sample form. I have a Power App I built with a SQL Connector. Scenario is, when a user filter by provider, they will select the provider and hit the generate pdf button from Power App.

Then it will trigger Power Automate to start filling in the editable PDF Form.

1 Provider could have 10 Patients
Export would be something like 2 PDF or 1 PDF with 2 pages.

My question can Plumsail Fill a editable PDF single form?

  1. I have the editable PDF Form.
  2. I have the data to populate into the PDF Form

Thank you so much in advance,

OscarTest.pdf (190.9 KB)

Hello @oscarf,

Sure thing. There is an action Fill in PDF form that can be used to fill the pdf.

Please check out the example and adjust it for your needs

How to automatically populate fillable PDF based on data from third party system in Power Automate

Please let us know if there are any issues.

Best regards,
Plumsail team