Filter List - Text field to Managed Metadata

In the PlumSail Form app, I am using the lookup control and it is pointing to another SharePoint site's list. I referred to this as the Master list. In this list there is a column called 'ProdGroup' which is a text field. Under the filter option, I've selected 'Production Unit' as the dependency to my current list which the form resides (aka Child list). 'Production Unit' is a managed metadata field and I am trying to match it to 'ProdGroup'. Upon testing no values are returned. Is there a way to connect the two fields so that it filters accordingly?
Also, is there a way to establish a default value for this filtered field?

Hey @MRizz226,

Unfortunately, matching a string to managed metadata isn't supported at the moment.

You could implement a workaround by creating a hidden text field on your form (and a corresponding column in the SharePoint list), which would store the display value of the metadata field:

Here's how to hide the field: Lookup control — SharePoint forms

Another option is for you to drop us a message at with a paid support request. We'll implement the feature specifically for you.

Also, establishing a default value for a filtered field isn't supported, since the available options depend on a different field and can't be specified before the form deployment.