Filtering only showing foe Admins on Sharepoint

Under the Filtration Tab in Settings I filtered out User Profiles from the Org Chart based on a particular attribute. When cleared cache it worked fine and the user profiles disappeared but only if your a SharePoint Admin. The standard user still sees the original profiles in their Org Chart. Is this based on a profile synchronization task happening in the background. Still not changed for standard users after a few hours. Any guidance would be appreciated

Hi @acoleman,

Thank you for your question.

Org Chart cache is stored on local computer. It means if you cleared it on your computer, it is not cleared on computers of other users. It will be reset automatically in about 24 hours.

You can change the default caching time using custom JavaScript. Just open the configuration wizard, navigate to the Custom JavaScript step and paste this code:

renderer.config.clientSideCachingLifeDays = 0.5;

You can change it to any other value. Note, this may affect the performance of Org Chart. I would not recommend setting too small period.

Update: Starting from the version 3.5.30 you can set minutes for cache life time. Also, the default caching time is changed to 4 hours.
renderer.config.clientSideCachingLifeMinutes = 12;

thank you Anton for your reply.

Its now a week now and standard users can still see the entries which I filtered out of the Organizational Chart while I do not see them.

Hi @acoleman,

Hmm, that is strange. Another possible reason is not published page.

Org Chart for SharePoint 2013/2016 stores configuration inside page. If you have page publishing enabled and didn’t publish the page, you may see Org Chart with filters configured, but the rest of users may see the old version of the page with the old configuration.

Please check it and let me know about the results.

Yes that was my problem thanks. It was an old version of the page. It needed to be republished