Filtration & Drilldown to Subordinates

We are using the layout of "Top to bottom with grouping of leaf boxes" and we are using filtration JavaScript code in order to exclude some accounts from the chart, however if all subordinates under specific box (manager) disappear according to the filtration options, still the subordinates arrow is appearing on the manager box and it shows nothing when clicking it. Also the manager appears under separate column not among the rest of boxes on the same level.

So anyone knows how to fix this and remove the subordinates arrow form the manager box in addition to render the manager box among the rest of boxes on the same level?

Hello, @gamaleldinm

Well, all you have described works by default.

For example, I have the following chart:

Then I apply a filter to hide analysts:

And Xue Li doesn't have "plus" icon to expand subordinates and is moved to the leaf-group:

Or do you mean this arrow icon?

If so, it doesn't expand subordinates but displays the current item as a root element. If you click it, there is still no the hidden analysts:

Also, you mentioned that you excluded some employees using JavaScript code. If you have added it to a "Custom JavaScript" section, try to remove it and to apply a filtration rule in the accordant section.

Hello @Evgeniy ,

Thanks for your below elaboration however this is not the case at my end as per the below screenshot

I am already using the filtration section and the filtered employees became hidden correctly but their manager is still appearing in separate column and with the drilldown arrow as marked in red above.

The only difference between my case and your elaboration is that my employee is in level 3 however in your case it was level 2, but I am not sure if this is the root cause.

P.S.: I am using SharePoint 2016 and reading org structure from the User Profile Service.

Kindly check and advise,

Thanks again!

Could you please provide me with your filtration rule as well as custom JS code or CSS if you applied it?

1- Filtration Rule

2- Custom JS

3- Custom CSS

@gamaleldinm, could you specify Org Chart version?

Hi @Evgeniy, the file name is "PlumsailOrgChartSetup_2013_2016.exe" and file version is below

I have turned to a developer and he clarified that the issue occurs only with user profiles set as data source. We will fix the bug and I shall notify you about it. But after fixing you will need to update the Org Chart and for that it's necessary to have an active maintenance subscription.

Hi @Evgeniy,

Thanks for investigating the issue and for your plans to fix it, we are working on renewing our maintenance subscription and will be waiting for your updates in order to upgrade our version.

However, could you please advise about the expected date to have this fix ready?

Best Regards,

Hi @Evgeniy,

Any updates please about the expected date to have the fix?

Hello, @gamaleldinm

I am sorry for missing your previous post. There is a rather big queue of tasks to be solved.We will be able to work on the current bug only in next month.

Hi @Evgeniy,

Thanks for your response, and will be waiting for the new wonderful version

All the best!

Hi @Evgeniy

First of all, Happy new year!

Any updates please.

Best Regards,

Hello, @gamaleldinm

Thank you for the congratulation, I hope this year will be not less happy for you too. :wink:

Developers have prepared a fix but it's under checking now. I am following this task and once it's done I will notify you. I am sorry for making you waiting.

Hi @Evgeniy

Thanks for the great news, we will be warming up waiting for the new wonderful version.

Good luck!

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Hi @Evgeniy,

I hope you are fine and doing well,

Any updates about the readiness of this please?

Best Regards,

Hello! Unfortunately, it turned out that solving of the issue requires significant changes in the code of the app. We are working on this right now but I can't tell you a definite due date when it's done. I will keep you posted with any updates I get.

Hello! The issue with displaying the subordinates arrow is solved and the fix is released. Please ensure that you use the latest version of Org Chart and clear browser cache if necessary.