Find in Plumsail Forms app


In all the programs I use you can use Ctrl + F and type a search string. In the Plumsail Forms app, I also use Ctrl + F to start a search. But if the search bar is already active (from a previous search) the cursor stays in the editor and I type my search string in my code ... Actually a bit annoying ...

Can this be fixed in a future version?

Thank you,


Dear Daniël,
Do you mean the desktop editor? Sure, we can add it to our roadmap of UX improvements, but I have to warn that the progress on these can be kinda slow as we prioritize new business cases over ease of use, but the latter is definitely also important.

Yes indeed, in the desktop editor.


No problem, I've been “struggling” with it for months. I just hopes it will be included in an update someday. That would be great :wink:

Thank you!

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