Fitration wont work

Hi guys,

I'm struggling with the filtration side of things. I can't get the most basic of filtering to work.
A filter might look like this:

var dir = GetUrlKeyValue("dir");
return dir==itemData["directorate"];
but I get an error like this:

If I change the root ID or remove it I still get an error just it refers to a different Root ID.
I have also made the filter more basic with hard coded values etc.
Version is 2.3.11
Any help would be ace.


Right, I have made progress of sorts. The filter seems to work but only if the Root ID falls withing the filtered group.

Can the Root ID be set at run-time?

Hi @glennski,

Thank you for your question.

Yes, you can do it. Just open the "Custom JavaScript" step in the configuration wizard and type something like this:

renderer.config.RootNodeId = "[email protected]";

Just what I wanted thankyou.

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