Flustered - List or Library Problem

Hello -
I have been trying to make this work for weeks. And I just cannot figure out how to do it. I will be as detailed as possible.

I have a form that is meant to provide complex information on construction jobs. Each job has a series of contractors, subcontractors, equipment rentals, job types, contract types, etc - all on one form, pulling from different lists.
There are two sections that I just cannot make work.

Rentals -
This is where the job requires that we rent equipment. The information would include the type of equipment, the company we are renting it from, and notes by the person that created the job.
There is a section in the Job Form For Rentals. I want to be able to add the rental company and equipment in that section. However, I need to be able to add as many as the job requires. For example, the job may require four different rental companies with four different kinds of rented equipment. Maybe more than four, maybe less than four.

This is where the job requires that subcontractors are hired. It operates in the same way the rentals must operate. The job may require 10 subcontractors, or more, or perhaps only two.

I have tried putting together contact lists, or cascaded lookups, or filtered lookups and I just cannot figure out how to make it work.

If I use a List or Library Control - it will add new subcontractors to the subcontractor list, but I cannot keep them IN THE JOB form. I can add drop downs with the information, but then need yet another set of drop downs for the second, third, fourth - etc that I would need.

How do I do this?

Thanks so much.

Hello @ChristianWentz,

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