Form Data remain even after empty catch and hard reload

Hello Community,
I found something that I think it's inappropriate,
When we enter some data in plumsail form and we hit the refresh button in the browser, the data in form shoed be gone and we have to get clean and blank form.
but this thing is not happening when i try to refresh the page even after clear cache i still see data that I entered before.
I am using Google Chrom browser and Sharepoint online.
Here i attach some screenshots for batter understanding.

1>Enter Data in form.

2>Refresh page

3>Data is there even after the refresh page.

I am not using any code is JavaScript to enter data in the form.

Thanks, Have a Good Day ahead.

Hello @harshp924,

Please try to disable AutoComplete option in your browser.

In Internet Explorer go to Settings >> Internet Options >> Content tab and uncheck all options.

In Google Chrome go to Settings >> Autofill and disable save and fill option for paswords, payment methods and addresses.

Hello @mnikitina,
I was looked into that,
i try to follow all step for above steps, but i'm facing same problem, i pretty sure i turn off all Auto Complete Option, Also try to manually clear all browser history,
but form data is still there,

Also i found that some feature is not supporting in IE11.
Can you tell the supported browser from you.

Here is my IE details.

Chrome Version

Thanks for look into this.

Hello @harshp924,

We suggest using modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

Do you see the same behavior on other machines, other forms and lists?

Could you please share the screenshot of the form including the page URL. Thank you!

Hello @mnikitina,
I just want to know that plumsail form is support IE 11 Or not?
Because i found some other behavior problem with IE 11. like in child form validation is not working, it not showing any error message and close form with out saveing.

Here i share my screenshot in IE 11, but this thing happens in all modern browser,

Thanks for looking in to this...! :blush:


Regarding the default values, please make sure that the Default Value is blank in the Field Settings:

Plumsail Forms works in IE11. Please check the browser console(F12) for the errors and share the screenshot. It will give more information about what is going wrong with the validation.

Hello @mnikitina,
I check All Records and there are no any Default value set to any,
Here i attach GIF of chrome browser for data remaining after the refresh, this happens in all three browsers,
I Refresh form for two times and facing same problem in different machines, different browsers.

I share Screen Recording of validation problem I am facing in IE11,
In list or library popup i fire validation that if the salary is more than 20, it will not allow user to save, and it working fine in chrome, but the same thing in the IE11 browser, I can not see any message and form close.
when we try to edit the same record in list or library control, it allow user to enter data more than 20 in IE11 browser and update an entry in the table.

This recording first i check in chrome and than IE11.

Console Images,

IE 11 console

chrome console

Please check this and let me know if there is something wrong in my site.


Hello @harshp924,

Please export the form and share it with me so I could troubleshoot the case.


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If you want the new form to clear on a refresh try the following:
I say new form because you might not want the edit form to clear!

fd.spRendered(function() {

The rest of your script follows...

That clears on render, i.e. refresh.

Some values seem to carry over from a half complete form.
This is bad if a user has started, got distracted, closed, then started again later.
The user thinks it's part complete, so they don't re-select.
I think this may cause errors with incomplete data, or other part of your script.

I'm seeing this start to happen. Might be a new thing...

I'm a user not a mod. @mnikitina is best to confirm...


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Thanks, @AdamSmith,
For response, I will look into this.
I think you are correct, there is no point to see data if the user refreshes or starts again fill the entire form.
It may cause a problem,

Hello @harshp924,

@AdamSmith suggested the best solution, as I don't see any reasons for this in the code or in the form.
Please try to clear the form on form load.

Regarding the validation, the code breaks in IE when getting the value from the parent form. I couldn't reproduce the case on my side.

Please try to comment out all custom code, both in parent and child forms, and use only his code:

Parent form:

window.fd = fd;

Child form:

fd.spRendered(function() {
    var parentForm =;

And share the screenshot of the browser console when you open the child form in IE.

Hello @mnikitina,
it is not working in my case,
I already attach screenshot of console, please find it from above.


Hello @harshp924,

The console error states that there is an invalid character in the code.

Please share the screenshot of the code that you are using in both parent and child forms and errors that you get when opening a child form.