Form Designer Save error

In form designer, when I click on save it does nothing. It closes the from but does not create an entry to the SharePoint list. This function was previously working but has now stopped. I've created a new form with no css / Javascript and it still does same. Console error as follows


In the future, it’s best to ask Forms Designer questions in our dedicated community, just not to confuse people. This forum is for Forms, a different product altogether.

These errors can’t cause such behavior, it’s for sure. Are there any errors after the form closing? If so, please provide us a screenshot or the browser console.

It would be great if you record a video of your actions, it will be very helpful.

Apologies, I hadn’t realised id posted to the wrong community. A video wouldn’t help has I get no errors. It just brings me back to the list with no entries… can you confirm (just so I’m not going mad!) the correct onclick action for submission.


OnClick action for submission:;

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Provide us your form with help of ribbon button “Export”.
  2. Try to create a brand new form on another list/another site, if you have such an opportunity.

Looking forward to your response.